Our core client portfolio includes, but is not limited to, the following industries:



Medical Device


Manufacturing and Production



Food and Beverage Processing


Human Resources









Michael Evans started his recruiting career in 1979 focusing in the discipline of logistics. His start in warehousing and wholesale and retail distribution later gave way to recruiting in full cycle supply chain operations. Michael's commitment to customer satisfaction and track record for delivery excellence was evident to his clients and it earned him their unwavering trust.  Before long, Michael was recruiting in multiple different operational and business lines including packaging, manufacturing operations and production; human resources, logistics, distribution, maintenance, and engineering to name a few.  Industries such as food and beverage processing and consumer goods manufacturing and packaging have been a long standing focus of our firm.  We have also capitalized on the emergence of the biomedical, pharmaceutical, and medical device fields which are now a core focus of our business.

The demands of business and a vibrant employment market have allowed Michael the opportunity to team up with other independent search industry veterans, each highly experienced in specific industry verticals, thereby ensuring that almost no search assignment is outside of our ability to service. Our firm's involvement and participation in numerous recruiting associations coupled with our own extended independent recruiter network allows us to reach out to viable candidates in all areas of interest and specialization with no geographical restrictions.

Whether you are an individual seeking to take the next step in your career or you are a business leader seeking exceptional talent to strengthen your company's competitive edge, Michael J Evans Search Consulting knows how you feel and the challenges you face.  We are anxious to put our years of experience into finding you the talent, or the position, that exceeds all personal expectations.