Welcome to the website of Michael J Evans Search Consulting, one of the nation's premier direct-hire and contract-to-hire recruiting firms. Our mission is simple; we provide our clients with human capital that gives their business a marked advantage over their competitors. We also strive to develop trusted personal relationships with our candidates, thereby ensuring that we match them with a position that meets their personal and career goals. We succeed only when both sides of this equation are balanced and our track record of success spans 30 years.

"The mission of Michael J Evans Search Consulting is to match serious, career-minded candidates with serious, human capital driven companies. Our every action is geared toward that purpose and we waste no time in the process. That focus has created lifelong business partnerships which have allowed our firm to thrive over the past 30 years, no matter the condition of the economy. Contact us and experience the level of service that has significantly enhanced the careers of our candidates and the success of our clients."

-- Michael J Evans

Founder and President